The More the Merrier

  Or, Reasons to Rejoice When Your Siblings Are Dating: Free Labor. You surely followed with great interest the posts containing grotesque images of the entire yard criss-crossed with fox-holes, trenches, earthworks and breastworks which Thaddeus Kosciuszko would envy. No doubt you’re still wondering, “Was there actually a purpose to all that time spent playing with […]

Mrs. Sandman

Dearest Readers, I missed my calling. Let me just express how thrilled, positively thrilled  I am with our refinished hardwood floors! And allow me to say I loved every minute of the project. What a perfect way to begin our Remodel Extravaganza! The first time we stepped into this house, we were captivated immediately with the natural beauty […]

One Big Happy DIY Extravaganza!

Dearest Readers! You have no doubt experienced great consternation at the lack of updates about My Perfect Life, but calm yourselves and get off of Apartment Therapy’s website! This blog is about to erupt with posts and pictures and inspiration boards. Three weeks after relocating 400 miles away, we’re in the process of buying a […]