And These Three Kings Went Wee-Wee-Wee All The Way Home

Hello again dear sweet followers! I decided to take a little break from packing (more on that later) to check the stats on my blog and reply to requests for sponsored posts…. and to my utter horror and shame I realized something dreadful! I neglected to show you the Epiphany Decor Reveal!!! Melchior, Caspar and […]

Christmas Decor Reveal!

After much deliberation I decided to postpone my Home Tour and treat you to the much anticipated Christmas Decor Reveal! All residents of upstate know why we bloggers leave the Christmas decor up well past Epiphany (Novus Ordo AND pre-1962) –why fumble with outdoor lights at ten below when there’s so much crafting and cooking to do indoors?  (Note the […]