Three Secrets Every Couple Should Know to Attain a Perfect Marriage

Here at My Perfect Life, we love to share with you, devoted blog followers, all aspects of domestic perfection in this Cozy Nest– choices of decor, floor plans for the remodel, the way we form our offspring. And now, after many requests from our fans and the editors of Verily Mag, we’ve  agreed to carve out a little space on this marvelous blog to discuss The Perfect Marriage!! (Oh yes, that’s the Royal We speaking.)


We’ll start by sharing Three Secrets Every Couple Needs For a Perfect Marriage. Yes, after observing married people for over a quarter of a century, and exemplifying a successful marriage for less than a quarter of a century, we do find ourselves highly qualified to comment! ♥♥♥ We’re so blessed and so filled with joy as we share with you these  Secrets to a Successful Marriage:

 1 .Drink More Often, and Heavily


Experts agree a daily ritual helps a marriage. But think beyond the cocktail hour that saved their marriage. Casual imbibing improves any situation encountered in marriage, be it social or domestic!

Sleepless because he snored all night ? Bailey’s in the coffee thermos. Drowning in ennui at her fine arts exhibit? Sangria in the coffee thermos. DH or W wants to have a heart to heart? Rum and coke in the coffee thermos. Time to argue over the budget again? Aristocrat in your screwdriver, if it’s a tight month. Forgot your anniversary? Something off the top shelf brings the smiles back. Unmedicated home birth? Ha- Gotcha! They have IVs for that.

And remember–you’re never drinking alone when there are children in the house! In fact, from everything I’ve been told by persons of experience, the more children in the marriage, the more one’s cup should overfloweth– with wine.

2. Go On Long Trips…Alone

We believe it was Ben Franklin who plagiarized this proverb from the Book of Sirach along with his other pithy platitudes :“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Nothing like a week without the kids around to remind the better half who stayed behing how much he/she/they can’t take any more peace and quiet. They’ll really wish you’d bring the  whole tribe ( and yourself) back home. We could mention the “honeymoon effect” but we believe the Couple to Couple League has the copy-write.


3. Avoid Conflicts by Avoiding One Another. 


After styling photos for Pinterest and our posts, there’s simply no time left for  real-life interaction with our Dear Husband. Rather, we communicate via iPads and with comments on our blog posts, thus eliminating any possibility of marital strife.

In fact since a blog world is as perfect as one chooses to present it, just stay married to your blogs, dear readers–that’s the real secret to a Perfect Marriage.



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