Big Boy Toys

They have a place in every DUI. I meant DIY.

As you know, we’ve been terribly absorbed with our landscaping project. It is my single driving purpose to enjoy lush grass this summer surrounding our koi pond and inground pool. Of course I’m really all about DYI and a simple way  of life… and so is my husband, but sometimes its necessary to resort to modern conveniences to speed up a process.

Photo  credit: My Perfect Life

Photo credit: My Perfect Life

After a brief sesson with rake, shovel, and pick ax (and if you don’t believe me, ask the neighbors), I deemed it necessary to bring in the big guns.

I had to beg and plead with Dear Husband… but he finally relented and brought this little diesel powered cutie on the scene!

Photo credit: My Perfect Life

Photo credit: My Perfect Life

The neighbors agreed that there’s something magical to the sound of a turbo spooling up at 11 PM in the back yard.

I was most excited at the opportunity to show our neighbors how environmentally concerned we are here at our Perfect Cozy Nest.


Photo credit: My Perfect Life

I wanted to preserve as much of this fertile clay as possible, so instead of hauling in loads of expensive exploited topsoil, we simply took the clay and river rocks and pushed it all back in the holes.  Brilliant, thrifty, and captures the essence of this Remodel Extravaganza:

There’s nothing that a little elbow grease and a few rugged males and a skidsteer can’t fix.


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