One Big Happy DIY Extravaganza!

Dearest Readers! You have no doubt experienced great consternation at the lack of updates about My Perfect Life, but calm yourselves and get off of Apartment Therapy’s website! This blog is about to erupt with posts and pictures and inspiration boards.


Three weeks after relocating 400 miles away, we’re in the process of buying a charming town home on a spacious 0.18 acre property.

The location is every housewife’s dream: a semi-rural town known so well to many of you, dear readers, I need not make mention because the last thing I need right now is for someone to ask where I left my berkenstocks and jean jumper.


The house in two words: absolutely. to. die. for.


It’s a little dated, built in the 1950s, so in addition to our lead intake we’re about to take on more DUIs, sorry, that’s DIY projects than you’ll be able to cope with on this blog!

Let me just say three little words that will make your hearts pound…unless you’re already in a Van Patten home: Genuine Hardwood Floors.


And did I mention newly installed windows?


We’re already envisioning cocktail parties ala Nate Berkus (what? you don’t follow designers of alternate orientation in BHG?) on the veranda: Do join us.


Did anyone notice the abandoned Craftsman toolbox (with apologies to Mac and Snap-On) that my dear DH has ensured is included in the contract?

At any rate, this little omen leaves me confident that we’ve found our dream home!


We ‘ll see what the suit-and-ties over at our trusted mortgage company have to say about the affair.

Flanked by deformed maples (looks like someone was too damn lazy to fell these things before the roots started spreading. Luckily, I married unto tree spikes), this home is every blogger’s dream : a blank canvas crying out for  a remodel.


What do you think, dearest followers?


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