And These Three Kings Went Wee-Wee-Wee All The Way Home

Hello again dear sweet followers! I decided to take a little break from packing (more on that later) to check the stats on my blog and reply to requests for sponsored posts…. and to my utter horror and shame I realized something dreadful! I neglected to show you the Epiphany Decor Reveal!!! Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar are rolling over in their graves! I am mortified,and so sorry to keep you all in suspense!

Because yes, in the Cozy Nest, the decorating doesn’t end with Christmas. All those other design blogs you follow? Unrealistically inspiring, but they have nothing left once New Years and their hors d’oeuvre recipe inspiration boards have  passed. My cherished family tradition reserves stockings for the Epiphany feast, and so this year I agonized through the 12 Days of Christmas over the perfect stocking display.

Oh, surely you expect the inspiration board for my Epiphany stocking “vignette”. My display would surpass all of these, but its customary in these blogs to curate impossibly beautiful ‘inspiration’ from your blogging network, so I’ll throw you a bone, dearest followers:

take-the-stairs dress-up-the-bedcd917048ce2609eebc49b1f6d389d7be


Mmm simply delicious inspiration! (Photo credits:,,,

Yet as I scrolled through an infinite Pinterest feed, I couldn’t find any imagery that sufficiently encapsulated my own perfect style. My husband and I have ‘married’ our decor preferences into a theme I’ve been referring to as Rustic Rugged Chic.  Relics of his bachelor days fit right in with this theme( I’m proud to say I was ahead of the curve on the burlap craze!) So an inspiration board for the Epiphany decor of  my Cozy Nest would have to include:

coyote6  tmag_reloadingdownload (3)

 Much to my chagrin, our current Cozy Nest does not allow for a cheery hearth. I had to rely on my creative, passionate-DYI home-decorating instincts

IMG_20150105_192144786 (1)

Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

I hung our stockings with care from the focal point of our home, the Reloading Bench.

(Did I mention  that DLH is really into DYI? Well, re-loading combines DYI with all the best aspects of re-purposing. More on that in another post.)

What do you think of my unique flair? Are you in raptures over this Rugged Rustic Chic theme? Do let me  know.


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