Christmas Decor Reveal!

After much deliberation I decided to postpone my Home Tour and treat you to the much anticipated Christmas Decor Reveal! All residents of upstate know why we bloggers leave the Christmas decor up well past Epiphany (Novus Ordo AND pre-1962) –why fumble with outdoor lights at ten below when there’s so much crafting and cooking to do indoors? 


Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

(Note the Burlap! You’re not a true blogger until you use burlap!)

All superior lifestyle/homemaking Bloggers know that the Christmas Decor Walk Through is the culmination of one’s yearly creative efforts. Whether one has a religious motive for decorating remains irrelevant–the purpose is to surpass one’s fellow bloggers’ efforts, so that they must save face by linking your outstanding efforts to their Christmas-Home-Tour-blog-party. Ordinarily the less religious the decor, the better (bird-themed Christmas trees and “Yultide”) but this blog encompasses the extraordinary, so I’m keeping the Catholic-Christian elements.

Let me tell you, it was such a stressful few weeks trying to get my arrangements just right. But after lots of trial and error, I was thrilled with the Christmas decorating this year!


Photo credit: My Perfect Life

Nothing like baby furniture to fill in those awkward gaps in a room.

DLH is really into DYI and has a secret artsy-crafty side. Don’t you adore his handmade shotgun-shell ornaments? We love to up-cyle.


Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

Note the pine needles (intentionally) scattered artfully around our upcycled-repurposed-poncho tree skirt. We’re big Clint Eastwood fans, and thought it would be nice to incorporate echoes of the Man with No Name into our Rugged Rustic Chic theme (more on that in the House Tour).


Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

Santa brought gifts from Midway USA and Brownell’s this year. DLH had nothing to do with it!

I decided to go all out this year and indulge in some flora and fauna!  I carefully selected a live pointsetta.


Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

Like most produce purchased at Aldi, it looked a little unloved just a few days later.

Growing up, my mother’s Nativity scene was straight out of the Gospel according to St Pinterest, and I was inspired! I couldn’t quite replicate her vignette (consult the Lifestyle Blogger Guidebook for that definition), but I gathered some  artisan-crafted organic polymers [plastic] figurines for my own Nativity Scene.


Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

Where does one acquire fresh greens when renting in an abandoned mill town? In true DYI spirit, I whacked  selected them off the back of our Christmas tree.

I invite you to stand in awe before these delicious handmade stockings from my mother- in-law. Like all superior bloggers, I’ve mastered the skill of selective photography.


Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

 Of course, I have the Perfect Home– but some of us Blogland struggle to keep the Cozy Nest completely faultless, and only showcase the nooks and crannies that elaborate the desired facade. Happily I have nothing to hide, and the only reason you merely glimpse the changing table is because I’m keeping you in suspense for the Home Tour!

Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

Well that wraps up our Christmas Decor Reveal for 2014! Can’t wait to see how the Decorating Spirit moves and shakes me in 2015! I do hope you’ll follow along as I turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, one DYI-flea-market-room-makeover-adventure at a time!


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