Living Room Makeover

The winter freeze is upon us, and with a sweet B&C (that’s short for Ball and Chain, for all you non-SAHMs) too young to walk, we’re definitely spending more time within the confines of the Cozy Nest. Of course, this means more time to appreciate one’s surroundings… and apply a creative DYI spirit to the decor. Nothing like the Transcendental Approach to a Perfect Home!

So I decided to start with the Living Room. Here’s what I had to work with:


Photo credit: My Perfect Life

My DH (no no, it’s not what you think, that stands for “Dear” Husband) selected this davenport from among a varied assortment at the Salvation Army (we prefer to support charitable causes with our purchases. You can too.) As you see on the wall, we also prefer sustainable choices of decor. Bobcats are quite sustainable, breeding almost as fast as rabbits.

Sigh! I know what you’re thinking! The arrangement looks a tad bit sad and lonely–this room cries out for texture and contrast. Of course, you all know one of the golden rules for spicing up a room: add symmetry.

So I added another lamp.


Photo Credit: My Perfect Life

Oh and this hand crafted, fair-trade artisan throw, crocheted with non-GMO cotton. I’ve been simply crushing on blue hues lately, and this really satisfies my longing for a new color palette.

Hope you’re inspired by my example! What rooms are next for your makeovers?


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