Welcome to the Blog of a Model Housewife

Hello Friends! Welcome to my humble blog about my perfect life of unbounded domesticity.


Join me for inspiration from all things house and home– shabby chic decor, impossible gourmet recipes, expensive attire, and the impeccable linen closet. Why yes, in between cooking in high heels and walking the children through the well-groomed town parks…every housewife has time for a beautifully designed blog. Here you will enjoy long and lavish descriptions in minute detail, how to make YOUR home look unrealistically unlived in. Here you can laugh and cry as you follow all the poignant anecdotes that spring from my bliss filled days of child-rearing. Here, from the infinite wells of my experience as a homemaker, you may bask in high-quality images of a perfect home you will WANT to emulate. All because I have unlimited time to spend.


Oh, the baby just woke up.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog of a Model Housewife

  1. Keep going!!! I love how you do your laundry wearing pearls. What an inspiration. Bringing your linens to dry on a mountain peak where the ozone is freshest is brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that?


    • Couldnt have said it better! So glad there are others out there who feel just like this Model Housewife! Household tasks are never mundane when one lives a perfect life.


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